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Fish Oils and Breakfast


Okay, now here's something I've been wondering....a lot of the coaches say that besides workout nutrition, breakfast is the best time to take in carbs due to the replenishing of glycogen stores. Now, my question is, should one take Flameout with breakfast if carbs are present?

I would think not, seeing as how Flameout does such a great job at managing insulin sensitivity, this is one time, just like workout nutrition, that you do want a small spike to replenish your glycogen.


Yes, take Flameout with breakfast. Insulin sensitivity is GOOD. It will encourage muscle cells to be more receptive to insulin and intake glycogen more effeciently.


Has any number been given to the amount in grams of fish oil needed to substantially increase insulin sensitivity?


While fish oil does increase insulin sensitivity isn't it also going to slow the digestions and absorption of the carbs?


IMO, I don't think its a big deal (fat slowing down digestion). Flameout has what, 5grams of fat? I guess, in the grand scheme of things, take it when ever you feel most comfortable (maybe your next meal). I doubt you'll notice a positive or negative effect.


well, let's say I wake up, jump rope for 15-20 minutes and then have a shake with oats and strawberries and yogurt. Should I still take Flameout at this time?


I believe JB has said 6 grams (of combined EPA+DHA) is the minimum.

Yeah, just checked. Says 6-10 in a few places.


That's what 8-13 Flameouts??


It's about 15caps of Nature Made (get them at any drug store) for 6 grams. I just checked Flameout-it's 8 caps.

I find that my joints feel better when taking at least 4 grams. So I just pop a few extra caps for the other benefits. It's also why I'm so keen on the buy one get one free sales Rite-Aid, Walgreens or CVS will have.


I would, but I take mine with every single meal of the day. IMO the benefits of the fish oil greatly outweigh any issues with your morning meal