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Fish oil

Does anyone know where I can get some good quality fish oil for a cheap price.I’m also wondering about the dosages and how long the product will last, thanks.

Cheap fish oil caps
JOEY Z. 2001-06-08 12:30:57
If anyone is interested in saving money on Omega-3 fish oil,check out “Costco warehouse shopping.” The store brand “Kirkland” has a product that contains 360 mg(Eiosapentaenoic Acid) & 240 mg (DHA)- per 2 caps. A bottle contains 300 caps and sells for $7.39. I have been swallowing 5 caps at a shot with zero aftertaste or burping!(BJ’s wholesale club has a similar deal.)

go to the puritanspride site. they run a buy 1 get 2 free deal in the summer months. they have an assorted variety of products. i’ve been buying from them for over 8 years. i know they have fish oils because i’ve bought. laters pk

Go to Sam’s Club. If you don’t have one, try Wal-Mart. Look for the “Member’s Mark” brand of Fish oils. Berardi and Incledon have given them a thumbs up on quality. And they are very cheap too. You need 6-10 grams a day.

Question…why do u take fish oil caps? Is it to provide EFAs and do u all take it to substitute flax seed oil? Or take both flax and fish?

they are basically the end result, that you want from EFAs.

thanks Joey Z, i went to Costco today and got some. How many are you supposed to take per day? if i am doing my numbers right 10 would be 6g of EPA/DHP, and 6g is how many JMB recommended.

dman -Glad I could help…But I think you need to REREAD the label.
It says that product contains 360 mg(Eiosapentaenoic Acid)
& 240 mg (DHA)- per 2 caps…Yep, it says per “2”-caps!..So,this
means that in order to get 6 Grams of DHA/EPA, you need to take 20 caps
per day (NOT TEN) But, a bottle still only costs $7.39; translation:
6 Grams of DHA/EPA will cost you .49 cents a day!..I have been
using this product for 3 months and will vouch for the quality.
(No foul fish burps!)… your informed shopper, Joey Z.

thanks joey you’re right, i goofed on the math.

Wow,if 6g is needed per day(20 caps),do u all ACTUALLY take 20 caps? Or would u all rather incorporate flax oil and flax as well to meet body demands?