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fish oil

what type of fish oil products do some of you use for EPA/DHA.

i just tried Carlson’s fish oil (800mg ePA/500mg DHA)… and i thought it would taste like crap

BUT THAT SHIT TASTES GREAT!!! lemmonssssssss!!!

im using the fish oil as part of my p+f meals, and still using flax.

anyone have any comments on this carlson product?


I have been using the Kirkland brand of fish oil capsules because they are super cheap. Recent talk on this board had made me worry if I wasn’t consuming a bunch of concentrated PCBs as well but I found this article reassuring:


Apparently they tested a bunch of brands for mercury and PCBs and did not find any. They also found the labeling (for EPA and DHA content) to be accurate.

I use Carlson’s too. It tastes OK, but you can’t mix it with anything because it does taste lemony.

I also occasionally use the cherry flavored cod liver oil from GNC. It’s very cherry and not at all fishy.


Never tried Carlson. I use Life Extension which does not give me the nasty fish burps. I highly recommend it!

In the past I have used The Zone, that too was a good product. I only switched to Life Extension because there were more oils per cap.