Fish Oil

What kind of Amounts of Fish Oil do people usually recommend when cutting. I thought I remembered 6-9 grams somewhere but then I recall people talking about getting pills from costco/bj’s etc as the best value for pills. Looking at the container I have from BJ’s if my math is correct, I would have to take 60-90 pills to fall within that range. Can anyone clarify for me?

Hi, Biltritewave!!!

Yup, unfortunately, that’s the choice, a lotta capsules or liquid fish oil. I do Ultra Omega 3 (Lemon Lime) by Health from the Sun. I add it to my canned tuna. I take in 6g. 6-10g is recommended by Berardi. There are those who feel they get great benefit from smaller amounts, 3g + flaxseed oil. Don’t forget your monos (olive oil).

I was afraid of that. Looks like i’ll be buying some of the bottled stuff tommorrow. BTW TT, Round 2 of the Diet starts tommorrow, Round 1 didnt go as well as planned thanks to some injuries, road trips, reunions etc. Nothing is gonna stop me from the goal though.

I usually have 2 tablespoons (28 caplets) of fish oil during cutting. It really seems to help, along with my daily 4 tablespoons of flax.

Biltritewave, one step forward, two steps back; two steps forward, one step back. (grin)

But unlike the vast majority of the population, you’re in the gym, sweating, doing cardio, watching your diet, and as you said, never, ever giving up!!!

60 - 90?

Most pills have a combined 0.3 grams of EPA/DHA mix, so that would be 20 - 30.

I get extra strength Spring Valley from Wal-Mart right now, and this one has 440 mg (0.44 g), so this would mean 13 1/2 to 20 1/2. (I leave it up to you to figure out how to take 1/2 a pill.)

Netrition sells even more concentrated forms. I just shoot for 6g myself.

I have to double check on mine again then. Cause 1 pill is 1 gram of fat so 60-90 pills would be probably 100% of my daily fat from fish oil caps, I’ll double check on that again. These burps are awful though…


I take a fish oil supplement made by Life Extension.

It has 600 mg per capsule. No fishy after taste! No belching! Best of all they are free of contaminants.

I generally take two capsules with each main meal. That means I am getting 3600 Mg. of Fish oil per day by taking 6 pills. Not a big deal.

If you want to be lifting many years from now I suggest everyone investigate this site.

I’ll back ZEB up on this one. The Life Extension Foundation is the single greatest resource I have. I’ve used a number of their protocols with people suffering from a variety of chronic disease.

They’re a non-profit organization actively battling the FDA for our dietary/supplementary freedom. High quality supps, too!

Try Vitamin Shoppe’s new EPA/DHA liquid fish oil. Lemon/lime. I find no fishy aftertaste.

Ditto on Tampa-Terry’s accolades to the Life Extension Foundation.
I genuinely believe that anyone serious about their health and a user of supplements should be a member.