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Fish Oil

I have no clue about the whole fish thing. I know that fish oils are healthy but when buying canned tuna or salmon which do i buy? do i get soaked in oil, water, etc…

Tons of info on here about this topic. Just do a search. Short answer? Very little fat in tuna. The oil that tuna is in is vegetable oil, not fish oil. Get tuna packed in water and pick up some salmon while you’re at it- lots of healthy fats and people will criticize you for eating it straight out of the can. What else can you ask for?

CGB, about fish oil. Ever noticed a slight increase in hormonal levels along with increased oil output in your skin?

RS, never thought about it, but I will tell you I’ve had some really bad insominia since I went off it a week ago due to gallbladder/digestive issues. Think that could play a part at all? Haven’t noticed any oily skin, but I seem to go in cycles with that with no apparent correlations to diet. Have you noticed anything?

I always get oily skin when I start taking fish oil caps.

CGB actually, I go in cycles as well. The “up” cycle is longer and longer though the more in shape I get. It’s really affecting your digestive system that way? I’ve never heard of this before. Get back on it! The benfits are too many. I actually use Udo’s Choice which has no fish oil in it but has essentially the same fats. Since I started my libido has increased a little. Recovery time and skin tone are also more favorable. But dam it I’m breaking out here and there like I’m 15 again! Argh!

RS, the problems I’ve been having were initially diagnosed as gall bladder related, so I had to avoid fats in large doses. Fish oil pills did set off symptoms on several occasions and let me tell you, they were not pleasant. Now it seems that I may have some ulcers somewhere in my digestive tract, so I have to be very careful what I eat and since fish oil has caused some problems, I am laying off it for now. I do agree with you, though, it is something we all should try to consume, if only for general health.