From reading previous posts and doing my own research, I have come to the conclusion that I want to try fish oil capsuls. I know I should go for salmon oil or other deep sea fish and not cod liver oil. My question is how much per day should i take (grams) and when…and also what can I expect to see to happen to my body once starting on these capsuls. Thanks

The more you take, the better. Up to 50% of your fat intake anyway.

The main visible effect is reduced post-workout soreness. Not-so-visible benefits include growing faster and losing fat easier. The hidden benefit is a much healthier blood-fat profile.

For example, I take about 28g per day now, but I noticed soreness benefits around 8g per day. Older men show blood-lipid improvements around 6g per day.

thank you El_Machinae, I can always count on your help on this forum lol. I eat about 6 times a day, i’m turning 18 in February, i get around my body weight or more in protein every day…and my diet isn’t very strict. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and eat lots of protein, vegetables, …pizza lol…etc. I weight about 180 lb, and i’m 6’1. I’m going to experiment with 15g fish oil / day.

Also, these fish caps are just going to ‘add’ to what ever fats i already eat. I don’t think an 18 year old kid has to be extremely strict about what he eats. As long as he has normal fiber intake and eats a lot of protein, I think that is fine. I feel that he can still eat pizza and all that junk food…IF he can stomach it. So I do eat a slice or two of pizza a day, maybe even a chocolate. So, we’ll see if added omega 3’s can help me out.

A couple slices of pizza everyday? I think you can do better than that. Your young, but still, try to keep it for the weekends and replace it with some good food. Adding in fish oil is good though.

okay, girlfriend just came home from GNC with OMEGA 3 fish oil capsules. 1000 mg natural concentrate. The brand name is member’s mark. It contains 300 softgels, ingredients are: fish oil concentrate, gelatin, glycerin, d-alpha tocopherol. There is no Vit. E written on nutrition label. EPA = 180 mg, DHA = 120 mg. NOW…I would like to know if this bottle is fine, (it doesn’t say salmon oil or anything), and if no…should i return it to get a better one? And also I would like to know how many capsules to take and how to spread them out through the day. IE-can i take all before ONE meal?

I think T-mag has published 999999999999923 articles addressing each of the questions you’ve posed. READ!

 Completely agree with UWO. T-puppy - Focus on your diet. Until you get your diet right all the supplements in the world arent going to do much for you. That must be a new excuse? - As long as you're young and can stomach it its ok? Ummm, sure....whatever you say. I can stomach pizza and chocolate and cheesecake all day long, does that mean i can eat binge foods anytime i want? 
 Read John Berardi's articles. Read Cy Wilson's 'steroid dieting'. Diet is 90% of your results. As long as the workout stimulus is there, the only thing thats going to mean wether you get big, get lean, or become and remain a 'fish', or a fat ass, is what you eat, not what you do at the gym. PERIOD. Anyone here who has a decent sized, lean hard body knows what im talking about- you simply cannot get that from eating watever u want, regardless of wether you're on steroids or not. The hardest part is diet compliance, not what you do in the gym! Reprioritize - you think fish oils are going to make a difference in your phyisique when your diet is...well, your typical highschool pizza and candy diet? You bet your ass it wont! It will once you know what you're doing with your diet - but you probably wont come to that conclusion for a couple years IF you're lucky. you can take the shortcut or you can arrive to that conclusion for yourself. Which do you prefer?

The trick is to read all zillion and one articles and not go insane with confusion.

I’d call fish oil a food, especially if you take 18g a day.

I’d disagree with Diesel a bit. I wish now that I had just eaten more in high school. I was working out like a champ, but I would have made more improvement if I had just took more food in. T-puppy, I’d worry about getting a lot of food and I’d worry about getting a post-workout shake. Those are important if you want to be big.

guys, I just wanted to know if the BRAND that I have right now is safe for me…

First of all, I’ve been with the online t-mag since article 100 or so. Two weeks after I read my first issue, I went back and read 1-100. I’ve been reading them every friday night since. NOW, I realise this doesn’t mean I understand everything that I’ve read, but I do consider myself more knowledgeable in these subjects now. For example, I’ve read all the threads about Fish Oils. I know that you can OD on cod liver oil, salmon oil is great, flax seed oil is good too…but even knowing what I do know about these products, I just wanted to know if the certain bottle I have is ok or not.

I’ve been on ‘diets’ before. I used to be a little skinny kid with a grandfather belly. I started to hit the gym, and things started changing. Luckily, I made friends with some great guys at my gym that put me in the right direction. They made me realise that going much further without doing the squat, deadlift, bench press, military press (the basic movements) i wouldn’t progress. They also lead me to this website which I am thankful for. Now…i’ve been on diets…i’ve been on the ‘don’t eat fat foods’ diet which was shit. I started reading TMAG and dropped this diet. I was getting skinnier, but I wasn’t getting bigger. Then, I started eating a lot of protein. And from everything that I have read in TMAG, that seems to be the key.

I’m sure if everyone reads this magazine, everyone will have interpreted the information differently. For me, what I have found that works for me…is eating a lot of protein. I don’t want to be shredded, I just want to gain size right now. I’m eating more than my bodyweight in protein (in grams), i have steamed brocoli every day, I eat good fats…I keep the basics there. Personally, I think I can eat more too as long as I eat the basics.

I’ve done my reading, and I don’t ask stupid questions. I ask questions to what I can’t find the answer to. Who else posted a question about that SAME bottle I bought? The bottle of fish oil i have doesn’t say salmon oil, or cod liver oil on it…so I got a little suspicious. I want info from maybe someone who has had some experience with it. When to take the capsuls during the day? How many at one time? Thanks for listening to my mini rant.

Your oil looks fine. I’d take 12 caps a day before a big meal for a week, and then take 8 caps a day just before bed. The 12g with a meal will load them into your fat cells, and the bedtime will help maximize their healing benefit.

So you don’t ask “stupid questions” and you only make inquiries of which you can’t find an answer to? Well let’s deconstruct this step by step, question by question.

Question 1: “how much per day should i take (grams)” - See Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Question 2: “what can I expect to see to happen to my body once starting on these capsuls” - See everything that T-mag has ever written about fats and fish oil!!!

Question 3: Is Members Mark a good brand (I’m paraphrasing)? Although you contend that this brand has never been discussed please type “Members Mark” into the subject search engine to the left and see what magically appears!

Question 4/5 “When to take the capsuls during the day? How many at one time?” Type “Who takes EFA’s with P+C meals?” into that very same search engine and see what happens!

Thanks for listening to my mini lecture! Btw, I don’t believe for a second that you’ve read each article T-mag has published. If you had you wouldn’t be asinine enough to assert such ignorant nutritional beliefs.

hi guys, can any one tell me the benefits of taking fish oil caps? can’t find anything on it here.

Any reason why you think taking all the fish oil at one time is better than splitting it among meals? I usually take 3-4 caps 3 times a day with meals, but I’m curious to hear the reasoning behind your 1 meal “loading” method?

research says proven to lower cholesterol levels and reduce subcutanuos fat, i take 8-10 caps a day sometimes less just depends since take 3 table spoons of flax oil as well, can get imitation brand at wal-mart for 6$ 120 caps 200mg per cap

If fish oil is new to a body, then it’s most important to get it into the fat cells (so it can start doing it’s magic there). Once it’s been incorporated into the fat cells, then backing off on the loading effect allows the oil to be used as a good energy source.

The easiest way to “load” fat into fat cells (we learned from JMB) is to eat fat with carbs. SO, eat the oils, and then eat the food. The insulin will shunt some of the oils into the cells…