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Fish Oil


What are some good fish oil supp besides Flameout?


I'm not sure brandwise but I believe it's the EPA and DHA that are important. I forget the exact numbers however it says somewhere on this website the amount of each that you need. Maybe a brand with the least mercury in would be good too lol. (I hear there's a canadian fish oil supp that's supposed to be good, it's called Flameout, lol)

Edit: I put Flameoot as a joke but the mods changed it lol


Any generic fish oil found at Wal-Mart. Is it as good as Flameout? probably not. Is it cheaper? yes x100


I would be cautious going cheap on fish oil.

There are a few reasons to go for quality.

2.is it distilled and free of toxins
3. does it contain the claimed amount of epa/dha



To answer earlier question. I think you're suppose to shoot for 2 grams of EPA and 1.5 grams of DHA a day. Or that's what I've read anyway. Not sure if there is a better ratio.


If you don't want to go with Flameout, check out liquid fish oil by Carlson. Tastes pretty good.


Neptune Krill oil is awesome


I like omega 3-D by Nordic Naturals for fish oil in liquid form.