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Fish Oil...


i take the standard kirkland brand and never really had any problems with it. however, today for the first time, i got fishy burps and it sucked! i was wondering why i had this, so i decided to see if my fish oil was still good, so i opened it and smelt it. it smelt horrible!! smelt like rotten fish. so i tossed it and bought another bottle. hoping you guys can answer some of my questions bout this..

  1. do/should you store your fish oil in the fridgE?
  2. how is the best way to test if your fish oil has gone bad?
  3. when you smell an open bottle is there suppose to be any smell? i dont mean rotten smell or anything, but is it suppose to smell a little like fish?

  1. yes

  2. if you cant put your nose in it, it's ok(also check the date)

  3. should smell like pills

this suggestion was made here on site and THAT IS TO FREEZE THE FISH OIL AND THAT WILL SOLVE THE TASTE ISSUE.

  1. Freezer
  2. Smell test, as with many things.
  3. A fishy smell (like salmon) is normal. A rancid/rotten smell indicates time to toss it.


I keep my bottle out of the fridge. I get through a whole bottle of a 150 gel caps in about 50 days before they even go bad.


ive always left my fish oil bottle in a drawer next to my bed and it never really got bad on me till the other day. im just gonna leave it in the fridge just incase... i take 10 pills a day so the 300 pill bottle lasts me a month so i never really thought it could go bad that quick. maybe just got a bad batch. thanks guys!


I have always found molecularly distilled fish oil to have a slightly off smell and taste. I actually taste all the fish oil I get by chewing the caps, just to see if I can detect any rancid notes.

I have never had a bottle go bad on me, but have received shipments of fish oil that was clearly rancid, though not expired.


If you consider it be be taste rancid already I suppose one would really know when it actually IS rancid? huh?


Yes, if one had trouble differentiating fish oil from rancid fish oil, because it all tastes so terrible to most people, there would be no real way to know.

However, if you familiarize yourself with the difference (using high quality, refrigerated fish oil as a base for comparison), I think most people can probably see taste when fish oil is simply off.


Also try taking it with food, if you aren't already.