Fish Oil

I was wondering, is it best to take fish oil spread throughout the day or all at once, or does it not matter. Right now I just take it all at once with dinner, but I wanted to know if there is a better way.

I have a few with every solid meal.

ill have 4 caps(4000mg) before i sleep. Works well for skin

I don’t think it matters.

It would depend on how much you are taking.

What amount are you currently utilizing in your program?

You can’t take it all at once. It’s like taking your daily protein all at once. It should be spread out over the day. Do not take post-work out though.

Spread it out, gives your body a better chance to utilize it instead of just passing it through.

ok, spread it out, got it, thanks everyone

I’m not sure if it matters either way, but I split my Flameout up with my breakfast shake and then dinner. Although now, with FA3 I do take that spread out with about four meals per day.