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Fish Oil W/ Which Vitamin?

I remember I read somehwere that I should take vitamin D or E with my fish oil caps to improve the actual intake of the fish oil into my body. Can someone help me out which one it is. Also how much should I take?


You should be taking them both regardless of the fish oil. The RDA for Vitamin D is all of 400 IU, and a highly recommended daily dose for Vitamin E is also 400 IU.

yes you should be taking them both, but keep in mind you can overdose on vitamin E(getting fat mainly). Vitamin D is not needed by the body unless youre not getting enough sunlight, which is probably everybody.

for a white person you need to expose your chest for about 20minutes a day to direct sunlight to get adaquete Vitamin D levels. Unfortunately this is a function of how much pigment is in your skin, so for a guy who is tanned, it takes longer obviously.

Anyway the recommendation for vitamin D intake has been argued as too low(outdated), and needs could be as high as 1000 or 2000IU!.