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Fish Oil w/ Preworkout Meal?


I was just wondering if anyone on here takes fish oil with their pre workout meal? Poliquin recommends about 15 grams on his site and says that its "anabolic". Would taking fish oil pre workout have any negative effects on insulin? If one would take this with a meal how long before the workout would you take it or wouldn't that matter?


Interesting question. does he recommend it specifically pre workout, or in general?
Anyway, I'm guessing that if you take care of insulin by carbing up, giving it some time to build (say, start 90 mins. before), and then taking FO (say 30 mins before), you might be able to enjoy both worlds.
I doubt this makes a major difference, though..

Care to link to Poliquin's article?




I've read that fish oil can be anabolic as well, but I don't think you need to worry too much about the timing of it. In fact, I think having the fish oil with a post-workout meal or dinner would probably have the same or better effect. Maybe I'm wrong, but the bottom line is you should take it every day and it can improve muscle mass.


It depends on many things, but Poliquin's references that it improves the circulatory system seem true for young healthy men. There are also powerful insulin sensitivity effects that will allow any insulin secreted to work that much the better.

This seems to be true for young men, and not older (50+):

^ Same researchers as one of Poliquin's references.

The last reference is available as full text (Age: 23+/-1y):


just take the fish oil with two of your meals, like breakfast and dinner. no need to think of anything else beyond that.


I thought fish oil post workout wasn't a good idea?


This is based on fat slowing the absorption of carbs and protein, however if you are eating meat and food source carbs other than white rice, I doubt it makes a difference. Now taking it as part of a postworkout liquid meal would blunt the effects.