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Fish Oil vs Evening Primrose vs Flax Oil?


Hi All

Just wondering if it makes a difference whether you take fish oil supps, evening primrose oil or flaxseed oil (or a combination of all three)?

I currently take 6 x 1000mg salmon oil supps per day and I have recently started with a new trainer who also recommends I take fish oil (as well as other T-Nation members who provided advice in a previous post)....HOWEVER.... I went to purchase a new supply of salmon oil and the naturopath said that fish oil is too harsh for a woman's body and I should either take EPO or FO instead or take 2 of each (total 6)...and apparently it would still give me the same benefits of taking 6 fish oil.

My trainer wasn't really sure so I thought I would open it up to other members to see what other people thought/know about Omega 3/6 supps.

Thanks in advance


Yes, it's a miracle that the human race has made it this far...what with all of our women dropping dead when there's only been fish to eat in times of famine.

I hear they make some pretty good EFA (omega 3,6,9) supplements here though. You should check out the store and read up on them.


You have been served a large portion of BS. Fish oil is a multi-faceted nutritional aid and should be taken often by everyone.


If he thinks fish oil is so harsh on a woman's body, does he think women shouldn't eat salmon?

Good grief.


Well, it seemed quite ridiculous to me...but maybe she is implying the 6 x 1000mg tablets is too much.


Ridiculous is right. Fish oil or bust! Fish oil is a miracle fat if you ask me. It helped cure my acne that I had for years from early teenager years until now.


Did she mean the blood thinning effects of fish oil for a woman that might have a naturally "heavy" menstrual cycle?

I think that's the only thing she could be referring to, but I'm not sure.


Look for high EPA/DHA products; Salmon Oil is good and so is Fish Oil.

I would not go with the flax oil unless you are just looking for something to add some healthy fats to your meals (milled flaxseed).