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Fish Oil/Vitamin E Decreases DHEA-S


The following link discusses fish oil and vit. e decreasing serum DHEA-S:


And this link talks about how fish oil/omega-3 is actually not good for one's health.


My blood tests always come back as low in DHEA-S, despite me applying 25mg topically daily (w/25mg Pregnenolone as well).


what is your DHEA-S at?

Mine is at 173 microgram/dL.
Low risk according to WellnessFX is 160-450.

Have been taking Flameout for years, and Vitamin E tocopherols/tocotrienols for about a year.


01/02/2015 11:02
DHAS, Dehydroepiandrosterone
165 mcg/dL
(238 - 539)

Also, my INR is elevated along with Prothrombin time. Be interesting if
all of these values normalize after a few months of stopping fish oil and
vitamin e.