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fish oil/tuna fish

Hey Everyone,
Just curious if anyone know how much omega 3 is in one can of tuna. I only ask cause I know it is recommended (via Berardi) to take 6-10 grams per day of fish oil (by the way, how many caps is that total??). Anyways, I eat a can of tuna a day (sometimes 2), plus I am taking between 6-10 caps of fish oil per day. Is that sufficient?? Thanks…TOny G

you might try a search before you postb as this has been discussed to death

Your 10g of supplemental fish oils are likely providing about 3g of EPA/DHA. However, canned tuna is extremely low in EPA/DHA. When JB or others refer to tuna being high in these omega-3s, they are likely referring to fresh, bluefin tuna. Here’s a listing of the common omega-3 EPA/DHA content in various fish.

Hey, nice list there. What is it that gives farmed salmon a higher level of epa/dha over wild salmon?

Bod, to tell you the truth, I haven’t the slightest inclination. Either way you go, though, you’re still getting a nice dose of EPA/DHA, ya know? I know that JB listed the omega-3 (and EPA/DHA) content of canned, sockeye salmon in an Appetite for Construction column also.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I have always been under the impression that it was the other way around. Meaning that wild salmon has more EPA/DHA then farmed salmon.

6-10 grams per day of fish oil (by the way, how many caps is that total??). <<

Sorry, I don’t want to seem like a wise-ass, but doesn’t it depend on what size (mg) your capsules are?? Doh! Do some math!! Maybe I’m missing something here. If I am, let me know.

:-)) SRS

It’s 6 grams of combined EPA/DHA and not just 6 grams of fish oil. It should tell you on the bottle how many grams of EPA/DHA are in each pill. You just have to add it up to get the 6 grams total. The brand I use have around 300mg of EPA/DHA so I have to take 20 fish oil pills to equal the 6 gram amount. Hope that helps.

If possible, find out if your fish oil has sources off of southeast asian coasts.

Do you like mercury in your diet?!