fish oil together with pineapple?


I’m discussing nutrition with a guy at a forum and this guy says that you should eat fish oil together with pineapple. He claims that both pineapple and fish oil contains an L-enzyme (fish oil contains the saturated version of this enzyme and pineapple the unsatured version or vice versa?) and if you ingest both pineapple and fish oil at the same time the effects of the fish oil will be enhanced. The reason for this would be that the L-enzyme is required to break down fat.

Now, I’m only 16 but I’ve already read a couple of thousand posts about nutrition at different forums (, t-mag etc.) and I’ve never heard anything about this. He said that he got the information from his instructor at his gym. The instructor had also said that you shouldn’t eat too much of this combination because it could be dangerous for your kidneys…

I think that this whole thing sounds like plain BS. Could you guys confirm that? Or is it true? I’m planning to give him the url of this thread when I’ve received a couple of replies.


The only thing I’ve heard about pineapple is it contains an enyzme (bromelain - which you can buy seperately as a supp BTW) which aids not in fat digestion but in PROTEIN digestion and as a supp, some athletes use it to break down injured tissue to speed healing of injuries. To aid in the digestion of fats, use Pancreaten Enyzme which is an extract the body naturally makes in the pancreous that contains all 3 enyzmes used by the body to digest proteins, fats, and carbs but most people should not require more than the body naturally produces. I have to say the pineapple/fish story is just that - a story.