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Fish Oil to Avoid Side Effects from TRT?

Hi i have low testosterone levels but im worried about the side effects from trt i heard it can cause blood clots and heart attacks and strokes. i was wondering if taking a couple thousand mgs of fish oil with the trt would eliminate those side effects because fish oil thins the blood. also are there any alternatives like maybe bioidentical testosterone. can anyone tell me if bioidentical testosterone has the same side effects as pharamceutical trt.

Those side effects are not nearly as common as they are made out to be provided you are a healthy individual and not using superphysiologic doses. It is important to get full blood work done prior to starting any new protocol.

There are no such studies that show TRT causes any diseases, too many doctors jump the gun on close association, if a guy goes on TRT and gets cancer it must be the TRT that caused it without offering any proof one way or the other.

However the side effects of low T are known, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, alzheimer’s and dementia. There are studies showing men who have low normal testosterone have a higher mortality rate (heart attack & stokes) than those in the high normal testosterone ranges.

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