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Fish Oil Testimonials


Who has used the mega dosing of fish oils that Poliquin suggested a couple years ago?

What was your results?

Anyone who has that thread please post it here.

I respond very well to fish oil. My other follow up question is I've read on various place on the internet that flax seed oil is not recommended for men. I've got conflicting reports on this. I was also wondering if you all had heard the same.

I like the carlson lab brand of fish oil due to its freshness and taste. I also prefer the lemon flavor and take about 2 tsp per meal. I only like capsules when traveling.

I'd like to hear from others how this works for them.

For your reference, my body does not do well on chicken breasts, whey protein, and the traditional bodybuilding diet. I'm better with higher purine proteins like beef, lamb, venison, and with a higher fat diet content. I can pretty much go without carbs, I make a healthier version of cole slaw with a homemade mayonnaise with zero sugar to get my veggies.

The reason I say this, is I have a suspicion that people who respond better to fish oil also respond better to a low carb higher protein/fat diet.




Gee I found one on a general seach on “Mega dosing fish oil”. It was the sixth link. Of course that is just one link. The second link is for Poliquins article where he mentions the concept.