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Fish oil:Survey

Ok T-Maggers…need some help. Many people on this board have reaped the benefits of fish oils. What I am curious about is the results you’v gotten over a period of time with usage. I immediately noticed some physique hardening effect . I continued to get the effect by increasing dosage but it has now ceased. I want to know if othes have experienced similar results. What I am really getting at is the question: Would fish oils prove more effective for physique purposes through cycling. Let me kno…thanks for your time. Mike

Good post Mike. I noticed a hardening effect within 2 days of taking about 12-15 grams of fish oil per day although this effect didn’t continue after that. However, in my case, if something works for me then it tends to work really fast. I’m not typically one of those guys who has to take a supplement for an extended period to determine whether or not it’s working for me. I’m also curious as to what kind’ve results others have had with fish oils.

In my case, it’s been tough to tell if the fish oils have been solely responsible for any physique hardening since I introduced them at a time when I introduced some other supplements too. In my opinion though, there have been enough studies done that show positive long term effects of EPA and DHA to keep me popping 9-12 caps of them a day. I like the list of benefits they have posted in an article on Poliquin’s website.

I’m right in line with SBET in that I’ve had a lot of positive physique changes in the last few months but there are too many factors that contribute to these changes. Honestly, fish oil may not be doing anything for me, but I don’t think that is likely. There is too many reasons not to keep popping 12 caps a day.

How much fish oil were you taking and what kind\brand? How bout you other guys?

I was/am taking GNC brand.started at10 caps per day …worked up to 20 Anyone else notice any diminishing returns…or a peak level of dosage.Thanks, Mike