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Fish Oil Supps with a Fish Allergy?


Has anyone else with a fish and seafood allergy had any experience supplementing with Flameout or another fish oil capsule? I have (or had, I haven't had an allergy test in a few years and a lot of my other allergies have disappeared) an extreme allergy to fish and seafood. I want to try Flameout but would rather not have to take an ambulance ride to the hospital if I can avoid it. I read the label for Flameout on the Biotest store and it doesn't have any warning about this.


I asked Google, it was very helpful:

I think it depends on which fish you're allergic to, and just "how allergic" you are if you wanted to give it a shot.

Algae or flax would be non fishy options.


I'm allergic to virtually all fish and seafood. I just find it odd that there was no allergen alert on the label, even Metabolic Drive has an Allergen Alert for milk products. Can anyone tell me if there one on the physical label?


What kind of allergen alert do you need for fish oil? Beware this product made of fish in a factory where fish is processed?


Well, when there are warnings like "Caution: Hot" on a coffee cup, "Caution: Road wet when raining", or "Display Only" on display toilets in hardware stores, you would think that there would be one on fish oil supplements if there was a risk. As far as I understand, food allergies are caused by certain proteins in certain foods, so I thought that maybe something containing only fat couldn't trigger an allergic reaction.


It seems fairly obvious that if you are allergic to fish or seafood, you shouldn't take a product containing fish oil. You SHOULD NOT supplement with fish oil.

Utilize flax instead.


I would try Seal oil before I would try fish oil if I had an allergy.