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Fish Oil recommendations

I was hoping John Beradi was reading this and can clear this up for me.

I want to add in Fish Oil to my diet for the health benefits, and dont like eating fish. You recommend that people take 6-8 gms of EPA/DHA, that would mean someone has to take almost 20 caps of fish oil pills a day to hit that mark.

Is the 6-8 gms of EPA/DHA for specific purposes (like dieting, insulin resistance), or do you recommend everyone take 6-8 gms daily(like for general health, cardio health,joint health etc)?

If someone does take 6 gms of EPA/DHA, then should that person also take flax oil (or my fav Dr. Udos Choice Blend), or would the oils be unnecessary?

Does anyone have good brands of Fish Oil caps, where you can get the recommended amount without taking 20 pills a day (mine are the Costco brand).

I buy Dale Anderson’s in a 12 oz bottle for about $8. A lot cheaper this way and if you add it to your protein shake you cannot taste it at all (they add flavoring now anyways).

I’ve gotten great results from adding fats to my diet. I take several tablespoons of fish oil, a few tablespoons of olive oil and I even use real cream in my coffee. I also take Borage Oil capsules (5g/day) for the GLA which also has proven health benefits.

I’m not sure how well this will work on a diet high in carbs though.

I found good caps at vitanet. They’re made by Pure Encapsulations, which has a good reputation for quality, and they’re 500mg combined of EPA/DHA per capsule. I get them in bottles of 180 caps for a good price.

I take 6 grams of EPA/DHA whether I’m cutting or on my mass cycles. I especially combine fish pills with Massive Eating. The two together helps me to put on only a trace of fat during the mass cycles. I still use Udo’s Choice. I cook my meats and veggies with low or no-fat and then flavor it w/ Udo’s.

UDOS!!! that is the only supplement I have EVER puked back up. and i have taken some bad stuff! old wt gainers, MSM straight(NASTY!), and an assortment of other nasties… and udos is the only one that came straight back up. I really wouldnt call it puking, more like exiting. i downed it, and then uped it. lucky i was by the sink… I even get a little bit of gag reflex with plain old flax oil. any hints on flavored kinds or ways to keep the gag reflex from kicking in. even holding my nose or something similar. this stuff KILLS me… and I know how good it is, so I am doing my damndest to get it down. but mixing it with stuff just seems to kill the taste of whatever i mixed it with. Thanks.