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Fish Oil Reaction?

I was just wondering is anyone else has ever had or heard of having a reaction to fish oil? I am only taking between 1-2 grams a day and I constantly get canker sores in my mouth which I haven’t gotten until I started taking the fish oil. I burp it up all the time and I have been taking it for months. I am taking nortic naturals. My boyfriend has been taking fish oil practically his whole life and he has never had any of these problems.

I started giving them to my dogs. The little one I think gets diarrhea from the oil. I quit giving him the oil and the diarrhea disappeared .I may try one more round just to test my hypothesis.

Stop licking your shoes.

Seriously though, I get adverse reactions if I take over 10 grams a day. If you are getting fish burps, put them in the fridge. I think some people even freeze them (not sure).

Canker sores are usualy a sign of herpes.
I have heard some strange explanations of how they were gotten or what causes them though.

Lysine will help with the canker sores. It’s an arginine antagonist which the herpes virus thrives on. I’ve never heard of fish oil exacerbating canker sores. It’s a possible connection though.

Weird I’ve never had any problems at all including fish burps with a whole variety of different brands.

I used to get canker sores from excessive amounts of vitamin C. Once I cut out the extra vitamin C, everything cleared up.

You may want to try freezing the pills, as I’ve heard that gets rid of the fish burp.


I do keep my fish oil in my fridge and I know that canker sores are a form of herpes. I have gotten them on occation if I was REALLY stressed out. That isn’t the case now.

Thanks, I guess I am just that one in a million that is bothered by fish oil. I am beginning to think it is an allergy or maybe something to do with my digestive system not working properly.