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Fish Oil Quality

Anyone know if there is a difference of quality in fish oil capsules. I heard at Poliquins seminar that Dale Alexanders are the best, but do manufacturers make “bad” fish oil capsules. I belong to Sams Club and they have their own brand of Fish Oil Concentrate capsules, by Member’s Mark. Does anyone have anyone information about fish oil quality? BTW, these capsules are cheap. $7 for a bottle of 250. Also, is there a difference between the capsules and actual oil. Thank You

Pete: This is a damn good question and one I have been wondering about for years. I too have been taking Members Mark fish oil caps because they are more affordable. Hopefully someone can fill us in on their quality, comparatively speaking.

Never tried the liquids, sounds horrible! I use capsules and have never really noticed a difference. On thing though, some of the really cheap ones you can taste, like before you even swallow them. Maybe the cheap ones you poor quality caps? Just a thought; I’m really not sure. Check the EPA and DHA info on the bottle, too. Read the Fat Roundtable for more info on fish oils.

I always use the better ones. I use Dale Alexander and Zone fish caps. I spend about $10 for 120, so you definitely have a good thing going there. I don’t know about the quality of your fish caps, but Charles did say to bite into a capsule to taste it. If it tastes like fish, its fine, if it smells and tastes like anything else, it has gone bad (rancid). I know it sounds nasty, but, it is better to test one cap, than it is to take a whole bottle of rancid oil.

For those of you who don’t know, Charles gives his overweight clients 15 fish caps daily. For those under 10% 10 caps daily. He has seen his clients lose bodyfat in 30 days from consistent use of this protocol.

Like I’ve stated in other posts, I will give you this information, but it is up to you to give a supplement a fair chance. If you do and it doesn’t work, congratulations, you are learning more about your “own” body. Everyone responds different.

You may want to stick with the higher quality products when using fish oils regardless of type. The reason is that some of the lower quality products may contain contaminants. This depends on where the fish were harvested from. I use the Carlson Norwegian salmon and GLA soft gels. They are spendy but I purchase them at wholesale so can afford them. The important point here is to check if the manufacturer tests for pollutants. The dale alexander brand is a good one. The more of the fish oils you use, the more important that the product be clean.