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Fish Oil Quality and Price


We pay several times as much for a quality fish oil product that contains twice as much EPA/DHA as cheaper products.

To make up the EPA/DHA content of the cheaper products we can consume twice as much. This way you still save alot of $.

However, are the surplus fatty acids we are also consuming in the cheap fish oil detrimental to health?


define cheap fish oil? Price, quality, both?

getting more fish oil from a quality product will not be detrimental to health


Cheaper products cost less and in terms of fish oil this can mean lower levels of EPA/DHA, more toxins, more oxidised fatty oils.

Getting more fish oils from cheaper products could well be detrimental to health.


Whatever fish oil you take, be sure to check that the product states it's been tested for PCB, dioxins and metals.


There do seem to be plenty of cheap products without these toxins (according to label) but I am wondering how detrimental the breakdown products from the fatty acids are. The cheap products are manufactured in a way that leads to EPA, DPA, DHA etc. becoming oxidised.


3 most important things when choosing a fish oil:
-reputable company
-purified by molecular distillation
-solvent used in molecular distillation is food grade ethanol