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Fish oil prices-service to t-men

For anyone doing Massive eating and needing the 6-10 grams DHA/EPA I have searched out the best prices online. top 4 for capsules are as follows (price per gram of DHA/EPA) 1)Dale Alexander Omega 3 fish oil concentrate solftgels at Vitacost - .24 2)Jarrow Max DHA at iherb - .25 3)Vitamin Shoppe Super EPA - .30 4) Dale Alexander TwinEPA at Vitacost - .35. Best price for ALA is by far Jarrow brand ALA at iherb. At 600mg per day it comes out to be $.56 per day. Hope this comes in handy.

The last time I was in a Sams Club, they had a large of fish oil caps at 300 for $7.00 (or so). I don’t know if your prices are per gram of fish oil, or per gram of DHA/EPA, but I’ll bet that is a very competitive price. Btw, Sams Club and Walmart always have their supplements test out at full potency in every consumer test I have seen, and they follow rigorous standards for dissolvability as well.

Cougar, check out beyond-a-century. Both their DHA/EPA caps and their ALA are about half of your “best” prices.

Do you eat all 6-10 gs of the DHA/EPA in one meal, or do you split them up? ALso, Flax oil is pretty unbearable for me to eat, I have to force down my advanced protein shake which is a shame because advanced protein tastes so good. Is there any way to mask the flavor of Flax?

Boxcar, I split them up equally over my protein and fat meals. For example 2 grams DHA/EPA at each of 3 meals. As far as flax goes I wouldn’t mix it with the advanced protein if it ruins the flavor. Just down a tablespoon of it straight and follow quickly with some diet soda or crystal light. Oh, and Buster. I went to beyond-a-century and crunched the numbers and they are pretty cheap as far as obtaining the 6 grams of DHA/EPA. They come out to be around $.15 per gram of dha-epa. I have never heard of the company so would not know anything about supposed quality of their products.