Fish oil post-workout

Would it be a good idea to get some of my daily fish oil post-workout? It seems that such a useful oil would be used the proper way if it were taken at this time. What do you guys think?


Getting fat post-workout goes against everything I’ve ever read, even when it’s good fat like fish oil. You want that insulin spike and fat would slow it down. Read Berardi’s Solving the Postworkout Puzzle articles. I take my fish oil before bed.


So anytime in the 1 hour window post-workout would be a bad idea?

Yes. Also some say the second meal after training, or first solid meal if using a post-drink, should be protein/carbs with little fat. I think the recent interview with Berardi at t-mag talked about this. Lowery has written about it too but I don’t remember where.

At best, a person can gain 2 ounces of muscle after one workout… and that’s at best. Fish oil will not hinder anything, let alone an insulin spike, that is of course unless you take like 100+ grams of fish oil afterwards. I mean, yeah, it’s important to get fast-digesting protein and simple carbs post-workout in adequate amounts, but use common sense for chrissake… asking this question about fish oil is like asking if a cigarette will effectpost-coital spooning… who cares! It’s fish oil. One gram has like 10 calories and some fat, etc… even expensive crap like celltech and the like have fat and oils and ala and other assorted nonsense… and whey protein even has some fat albeit in trace amounts depending on which you use… so like, get over it already, and drink your protein and carbs and yeh, if you want more calories, which you should post-workout, add fish oil… you want lean muscle, you gotta get the calories in… clean, for sure, but calories nonetheless. Stop worrying about fish oil. It’s good for you, so take it. Period…

A study presented at ACSM showed evidence of no negative effect of fat when taken during the post-workout period. That said, I’m going to avoid it just in case. :slight_smile: