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Fish Oil Pills

I am coming off Mag10 and Massive Eating, and will be starting the recovery phase to hopefully cut up a bit. I normally take Costco Fish Oil Concentrate Pills, each has 1000mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids. How many of these should I take during recovery. Somewhere I read someone saying they planned on taking 3 per pill, with 8 meals, that is 24 a day. That sounds like way too much, but I am just guessing, so, anyone help me out here as to how much of this stuff I should take. Thanks.

It does sound like a lot, but it does seem that there are benefits to taking quite a lot of DHA/EPA, at least six grams per day, and this adds up to a lot of capsules with most products. For example, I’m currently taking four capsules of Twinlab Dale Alexander MAX-EPA five times per day, giving 7.5 grams of DHA/EPA per day, and 25 grams of total fat.

Obviously, products more concentrated in the
desired fatty acids would be preferable, allowing less total intake, and even more preferably with a further-optimized profile of fatty acids. However, in the meantime one can get good results with what’s available.

I use Health from The Sun’s liquid fish oil. It contains 1.5 grams of EPA/DHA per teaspoon and is much more cost efficient. The taste isn’t too bad. They mask it well with a lemon-lime flavor. I get an 8OZ bottle for about $4 dollars.

Where do you buy your oil from?

Iherb dot com has it.

bump for pimp C

Bill is that a hint regarding the new product???

Yep, I take 30 caps a day of Member’s Mark fish oil.

I take 10 capsules (separated throughout the day) of GNC’s Fish Body Oils 1000 per day. Each capsule provides 180mg EPA and 120mg of DHA.

I’ll be glad when the new Biotest supp comes out that’s been hinted at. I’m getting tired of 15-20 fish oil caps a day! For those that missed it, there have been several hints that they’re coming out with something that will totally replace Udo’s, fish oil, flax etc. I’m hoping for a liquid so I can put my handy-dandy oral syringe to work once a day verses swallowing fish caps all day.

Until then, does anyone know if it’s better to split dosage of fish caps or can we take them all at once at night with a protein shake? I’ve heard mixed opinions from experts. Maybe Berardi can answer?

John, it wasn’t intended as a hint regarding anything upcoming, but a natural response to the topic of how much fish oil is required to be consumed to get desired amounts of DHA/EPA. However, it is true that it’s now becoming possible to produce such a thing.

But wasn’t an EPA/DHA supplement specifically mentioned by a t-mag staffer over a month ago? I thought that it was specifically “in the works?”

Thanks Zev, but I was just wondering where PimpC could get it for $4. Everywhere else I look it’s $7-10 not counting shipping.

Nephorm, well, then I guess there you have it! But I myself am not specifically involved in any DHA/EPA product and knew only that it was technically possible and something that was being worked on, but still don’t myself know if it’s a “definite” or not. Simply because I don’t happen to be apprised of everything going on, in projects other than those I’m working on! :slight_smile:

Forrester, I just checked over on iHerb. It’s $6.50 a bottle, not $4. I think you get free shipping if you order more than $60. It’s still the best deal I was able to find. I’ve ordered from them in the past and been VERY happy with their service.