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Fish Oil Messes My Digestion Up


I don’t know how to put it any more nicely, but when I consume recommended amounts of fish oil, I get he shits. Bad.

Does anyone ever have the same problem? and what can I do to still reap the benefits without spending my day on the shitter?

sorry for speaking so bluntly…


What amount? Maybe you are not interpreting the recommendations correctly. Also which brand.

If you mean 4 caps of Flameout at the same time, then just spread it out. Have 1 cap with each meal for a total of 4 a day. That should take care of it.

1)Are you having all of your fish oil at once? If yes, then spread it out throughout the day.

2)Take the fish oil pills with meals.

3)Try a different brand.

4)Reduce the amount you take and reassess if you’re still getting “the shits.” 2-3g of combined EPA/DHA (ie. 4-6 extra-strength fish oil pills) is probably a good place to aim for.

If the above suggestions fail, eat wild fish (pref salmon, tuna) several times a week.

neptune krill oil -just need a couple to get the same effect as 10+ regular fish oil tabs

Does your shit get oily? If so, then your caps have gone rancid. I would suggest everyone stores their fish oil in the fridge to preserve.