Fish Oil (Liver?) Capsules

Quick question - are “fish oil capsules” the same as fish liver oil capsules?

Cod Liver Oil has been popular on this side of the pond for years, and I’ve tracked down “fish liver oil capsules” here in Spain. However, I’ve never seen “fish oil” either in capsule or liquid form, which I find strange given the amount of seafood they consume here. Anyway, are they the same thing?

I know where I work at GNC the cod liver oil is simply a source of vitamins A&D with a very low percentage of EPA and DHA. The salmon oils and fish body oils are the ones that are rich and EPA and DHA which are the main reason people come in and get them…they are also better for your joints as far as I know.

Thanks. So it’s not the same. Roughly what should I be looking at regarding average contents of EPA and DHA? It’s quite common to mistranslate and hence mislabel here when naming products so I might be able to pick it up under another name.