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fish oil intake per day

Hey Everyone,

I got a big jar of fish oil capsules from Sam’s. How many milligrams should i be taking a day? The label says to take two pills a day, with is 2000mg.


I take about 20 of the Sam’s Club fish oil pills with my protein right before I go to bed.

I look at it in terms of EPA/DHA intake, and from what I remember Berardi saying, he recommends about 6 grams total of EPA/DHA combined. So I would use that as a measure for how much you’d have to take.

ChuckieT is correct.

On the labeling for your fish oil, there should be a seperate section that tells you how many mg of EPA/DHA you get in each cap, just figure out who many you need to get to 6 grams.

on Berardi’s sight, he recommends going as high as 9 grams though, but 6 grams as a minimum.

I use Member’s Mark as well; 20 per day.

this is why i’ve ditched the caps and got the oil in high concentrate.

highest amount i’ve seen in caps is around 350mg to get 6g i’d need about 17 caps which is 1/2 the bottle gone if u get 30 caps per bottle really.

I take a tbsp which has 2gms of it in daily and have a can of salmon or a salmon steak too

I think Berardi recommended 10 g/day combined DHA/EPA


Actually, Berardi usually goes with 3-6g combined EPA/DHA. The 10g recommendation is only for individuals with very poor insulin sensitivity and/or cardiovascular health issues.

I use 1 tblsp of flax a day, and also eat a salmon filet a day, where does this put me as far as JB’s reccomendations for EPA and DHA? Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated:)

I also bought a bottle of Berkley and Jensen Fish Oil Concentrate yesterday. 300 softgels at 1000mg each… at 1000mg = 1g you would need the amount of capsules as you want in grams… say 6 capsules if you wanted 6 grams. (Of course, you probably figured that out already… don’t mind me… just thinking out loud)

I do have a question… If you guys don’t mind giving some advice to a newbie :slight_smile: I just began training two months ago. Are any of you women out there taking fish oil or flax seed also? Or is this just for men? I know that the amega 3 fatty acids are good for joints and cardiovascalar health. Are the recommeded dosages for any particular weight? Should women or someone smaller take less?

solo’s girl

Did you get the Berkley and Jensen online or where did you get them from. I looked on the internet and i cannot find them.


I got them at BJ’s, which is like a Sam’s club. I think it’s BJ’s personal brand. The bottle of 300 was only like $6…

Fish oil intake really depends on what your goals are.
Charles Poliquin uses 9-15g per day depending on how much bodyfat the person needs to liquidate.
John Berardi suggests that 3-6g of EPA/DHA is adequate to obtain positive health benefits.
I believe that you have to determine your goals and work from there.

Solo’s girl,

Actually, I think you’re a little off. Most fish oil softgels come in the 1000mg size. This does not mean, however, that 1000mg fish oil will yield 1000mg combined EPA/DHA. In fact, most 1000mg fish oil softgels will give you 180mg EPA, 120mg DHA, and a little bit of saturated fat (or other). As such, you’re really only getting 300mg of the “good stuff,” hence the 20 softgel per day recommendation (20x300mg=6000mg, or 6g).

Hope this helps.

man a female posts and her Q gets answered lickity split, it is understandable though, well I would like to know how much EPA/ DHA is in 1 Tblsp of flax oil? if you guys could help me out with this one I would really appreciate it, and maybe I will hook you up with my sister, yeah right if I had a sister, there is now way I would introduce her to some of the testosterone flaunting mutants around here. No offense guys I do place myself in the same category.

I believe flax oil has minimal amounts of EPA/DHA. But your body can convert some of the flax into EPA but I think the conversion percentage is EXTREMELY low. So in terms of trying to get your EPA/DHA, you should rely mainly on fish oil as the amount you’d get from flax conversion is too low to really count.

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: I looked at the back of the bottle and you were exactly right. Another question if you don’t mind, what’s the difference between EPA and DPA?.. and what do they do for you? Thank in advance. :slight_smile:

The flax see oil contails ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) 500 mg and Linoleic Acid 120 mg and Oleic Acid 140 mg… or at least minde does.