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Fish Oil in Australia

What are people using as a preferred source of fish oil supps here in Australia ?

Flameout seems out of the question at the prices that we have to pay here in Oz…

Is everyone just buying the health food store stuff at 300mg EPA/ DHA per tablet and popping 10 of them a day ?

The local DVC store here in Cronulla is selling 3 bottles of 400 tabs for $55.

That gives you 1200 tabs at 10 a day… 3 months supply.

But is this stuff anygood ? The brand is Thompsons.

Any help appreciated.


Hey mate,
yeah, i’m just popping 10-15 of the standard ones a day. Not too fussed about the brand to be honest, i have some simply nutrition ones and some carlsons ones at the moment.
Might get some Flameout with my next order though I’ll see.

You guys should try the Metagenics brand. They have fish oil liquid and it is pharmaceutical grade.

You can also get it through DVC, however, you have to ask for it as they usually keep it out of reach in their back store rooms. The levels of EPA and DHA are VERY high and it is a potent product. You’ll only need a teaspoon as well.

No fish odour at all compared to some other products.

I haven’t found a better product in Australia.

They make it in soft gel as well and I believe gram for gram, it has higher EPA and DHA than most products and is a rally with the Flameout. Ideally, I’d like Flameout but as you said, price is an issue here as is gelatin for me. The liquid does the job perfect and these are the gels: http://www.bayho.com/p/306057.html