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Fish Oil - How Much?


Sorry to go over this subject again! But how much is too much?

The product I'm using contains: Omega-3 SoftGels (1000mg) [18% EPA / 12% DHA]

I've been supplementing with 8 of these daily, balanced with other healthy fat sources.


That's ok I guess.


yeah I get a bit confused by the various recommendations from people here.. . when they say x amount of grams of fish oil are they talking total or just the active ingrediants?

I am currently taking 6g a day which amounts to 20 caps.. . I found that as little as 3-6 caps a day was sufficient just for keeping inflammation down somewhat and helping out with my joints. ..


I take 20 a day [6 grams EPA/DHA] and have not ever had a problem with inflamation or joints since I started doing that. Sure, it could be more then I need but hey its an extra 180 calories and since western food is chock fulla omega 6 it really can't hurt.


The product I take is similar what you take. Each gell is 1000mg(1gram) and has a combined 440 EPA/DHA

I take 3 of em a day, gettin in 3 grams of fish oil a day with 1320mg of it pure EPA/DHA. I would say thats probably a moderate to slighty smaller dose then what other people take. But its also cost effecient and all I need. Im never overtrained, and I get plenty of essential fatty acids from other foods (Olive oil/walnutts/CLA supps/Lean Meats)


I take MorEPA and MorDHA, 2 Caps of Each per day.

The EPA is 1428mg per cap -580 mg EPA 83 mg DHA
The DHA is 1132mg per cap -435 mg DHA 63 mg EPA


I personally would not consume what some of you are consuming; i.e. 20 caps a day at only 30% EFAs. You're getting twice as much non-essential fat as you are EPA and DHA, and as the fats in fish oil are largely algae-derived you may get a lot of lipids that don't have a place in human nutrition. So I caution you against the zealous use of fish oil, particularly products that aren't highly concentrated (EPA/DHA)


I consume 10-20 a day, depending on what I eat and what training took place. That would break down to 14 grams of non-essential and 6 grams of EFAs. I think the human body can handle an extra 14 grams of fat in order to get those EFAs.


Where are Barr and Berardi and Lowery when you need them? Bah ... who needs experts and doctors. What I really want is the "a calorie is a calorie" crowd's take ... those guys know everything.



so is there really other fats in the fish oil that Im not counting? does that mean I should be entering these values into my overall calorie intake? ehehe.. . Im really not worried. ..


You all need to read my post more carefully.

My concern is not about the extra calories from non-essential EFAs. It's the fact that fish oil contains fats that are manufactured by algae and are not normally a part of the human diet. If you consume enormous amounts of fish oil that is not highly concentrated in EPA and DHA, you'll also recieve large amounts of these "foreign" fats - the effects of which have not been studied in humans.

I'm certainly not claiming to know for a fact that large amounts of unconcentrated fish oil is unhealthy; maybe it's perfectly fine. I'm just warning against blind zeal when it comes to the use of fish oil.


What do you mean they aren't part of the human diet? It's fish. Fish have oils in them. People eat fish. Is there something in the oil that isn't fish that humans don't usually eat? I'm confused.


The ingrediants on my fish oil canister says, simply, '100% Salmon Oil' - How does this differ from 20 grams of fat comming from Salmon? [which is really bloody expensive compared to my canister of tabs].


My main concern is the amount of mercury and other metals and toxins that my be present. Especially if you're taking large doses. Be sure the fish source is cold, deep water species.


this might seem like a stupid question but is cod liver oil good to take or is it different to the fish oils you guys are taking


According to Dr. Mercola:

Fish oil and cod liver oil are the only viable source of Omega-3 with DHA and EPA, which most Americans dangerously lack but is essential for fighting and preventing disease and living longer.

Note: Unless you are regularly getting your vitamin D levels checked, you should be switching from Fish Oil to Cod Liver Oil around Fall/Winter, and from Cod Liver Oil to Fish Oil around Spring.


There is a product called Omacor made by Reliant Pharmacueticals. Each 1 gm capsule contains 485mg. EPA and 375 DHA.
High grade pharma stuff and no mercury.

It's expensive but I am get mine from the pharmacy via a prescription. I have a good RX plan and my doc was pretty easy to convince. They cost me $20 for 120 caps. If you pay cash I think Costco does it for around $55.


Well as far as I know (and Im not claiming that i do) the studies conducted used a pretty standard concentration fish oil..not 100% DHA/EPA content if such a thing even existed. Furthermore, it's fish oil derived from fish - primarily salmon.

So you aren't getting anything from the caps you wouldn't get from eating salmon..unless there's something about the processing of fish oil we don't know which makes that statement defunct. Either way, I'm open to being enlightened on the subject :slight_smile:


I take two caps at each feeding. Most days I get it 6-7 feedings. I'm using Spectrum Fishoil.

The ingredients show anchovies, mackeral, sardines and some vitamin E as a preservative. They claim 3rd party testing for PCB's, Lead, dioxins, and mercury below detectable levels. A product of Norway, so it's cold water. Each capsule is 1g fat -- 180 mg EPA, 120 mg DHA, other Omega-3 200 mg, Omega-6 50 mg, other polyunsat 80 mg, oleic acid Omega-9 185 mg.


Something Barardi put out recently -- possibly on the Precision Nutrition site said it didn't really matter which fishoil you used. None were really any better than others.

If you have problems with burps and digestion you might try enteric coated caps that are digested and absorbed in the intestines.