Fish Oil 'Freezer Test'?

Just wondering if anyone knows the melting point of omega 3 fatty acids?

I have heard that it’s quite low (i.e. -50˚C for DHA) but I can’t find any reliable information regarding this even after sifting through dozens of journals! (Well the ones I have access to).

I have also heard that it’s possible to use these melting points to judge the purity of fish oil by putting it in the freezer (approximately -18˚C from what I can tell).

There’s rife speculation on the internet that if fish oil capsules freeze in the freezer then they’re full of saturated fat - however after a quick look at SFA melting points indicates to me that they would be solid at room temperature and certainly in the fridge.
Some of the UFA melting points that I’ve been able to find indicate that most of these would freeze in a freezer but not the fridge (approximately 2˚C).

The variety of cheap fish oils (30% EPA + DHA combined) that I’ve experimented with don’t solidify in the fridge, but do in the freezer.
Note: even when the fish oil is frozen I get fishy burps!

So my conclusion is that the variety of cheap fish oil that I’ve experimented with do not contain much SFA, but mostly UFA… comments welcome!

I just want to bump this old thread to see if anyone has any input. I am reading conflicting info about the freezer test.

I am in Mexico so can’t get hold of Flameout, in it’s absence I am trying to get the best possible fish oil for my money.

Problem is that labelling regulation is pretty lax here so I would like a reliable method for trying to ensure that I am getting the best quality product for my money.

Also, I want to confirm that I should be buying Omega 3 not the 3,6 and 9 products.

I have no information on the melting point part of the question.

On whether omega-3 or a 3,6,9 product: Omega-3 and also consume some olive oil, and preferably a GLA product.

You probably consume too much omega-6 and have too high a percentage of this in your bodyfat already, without needing to buy more. If the 3,6,9 product used only a good GLA source for the omega-6, that would not be a problem, but that may not be the case. Additionally, it will be cheaper and more convenient to get the omega-9 from the grocery store than have it included in capsules. So a blend is not really the best way to go I don’t think.

thanks for the feedback. Any input from anyone on the freezer test would be gladly recieved. (a few hrs in the freezer and clear so far on the batch I have here)

Anyone else have any input on this?

Higher or lower, anyone, anyone, anyone, Higher.

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