Fish Oil for Joints

Hey, I was hoping one of yall would be able to help me with this, see, my friends is 48 and has arthritis and heart problems, I told her to try some fish oil to help. I was thinking either Flameout or Carlson’s fish oil capsules(she doesn’t like the liquid stuff), either way, Poliquin said fish oil needed to be taken w/ vitamin E, I also read that vitamin E helps keep fish oil stable.

So I was wandering since Flameout has no vitamin E, will it still work just as good, and which ever one I go with, how much should I recommend for her to take, I was thinking 9-12g a day. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.

I take Flameout. It’s been great for the arthritis I have in my ankles. I don’t take vitamin E. I’ve taken either Flameout (when I have $$) or the plain fish oil caps you can get at Costco (when I’m broke!) and they both help.

I hope you get great responses to your thread!


Fish oils have vitamin E already in them, although its usually a meager 10iu or so per serving. Just make sure she takes them with food and not on an empty stomach. She may also benifit from glucosamine/chondroitin, MSM and Curcumin. Actually a lot of people who come into my work (work at a health food store which deals with a lot of elderly people) really like the curcumin for there arthritis.

I’ve read a few different opinions on how much fish oil to take. When I take Flameout, I just follow the directions. I think it says two tablets, twice a day. (Total of 4.) When I take the generic brand, I take 4 or 5 tablets twice a day. That’s me, though. Other people definitely differ (some take 15-30 tablets!).