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Fish Oil for Dogs

OK, I am opening myself up for a real flaming here, but what the hell…

Recently I was looking to buy some fish oil on amazon. I was shocked to see that the difference in price between fish oil for pets, and fish oil marketed for humans, was drastically different.

Is there really any difference between the two? I mean, obviously the oil comes from fish, and it’s not poisonous, so why couldn’t people just use FO marketed for dogs?

My guess, from reading about dogs dying from fish oil made for people, is dosage. If you adjust for that, is the pooch variety still cheaper?

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The only difference is the regulations around manufacturing. Products intended for humans (especially food products) are subject to heavy regulations for safety and quality by the FDA, but non-human products are not nearly as regulated.

Short answer: You’re probably fine, but it’s a little more risky.

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When she was still alive, I gave my old Staffy Flameout.

Also, check out this article from TC.


Good point -
I found a 1L jug of salmon oil:
2.2% EPA
3.2% DHA
5.7% ALA

Never been good at math… not sure what that works out to per dose in mg…

The density of salmon oil is 0.92 g/mL = 920 mg/mL.

EPA: 920 (0.022) = 20.24 mg/mL
DHA: 920 (0.032) = 29.44 mg/mL
ALA: 920 (0.057) = 52.44 mg/mL

10 mL would provide roughly 200 mg EPA, 300 mg DHA, and 525 mg ALA.

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Wicked, you’re heroic! Thanks!

It looks as though its about a little less than half as strong as the brand I am using now, but at like 1/5th the cost considering volume.

Hmm… could work.

I just hope I don’t sprout whiskers.

Sure thing! To be honest, I had the same thought several years ago and ordered a bottle from Chewy. I was low on money at the time and it did the job- be sure to keep it refrigerated. And no extra whiskers, no tail, or weird impulsions to chew on furniture.

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I was under the impression that dogs were scavengers rather than predators.