Fish Oil & Flaxseed Oil Question?

Hi guys, so far i got the Surge & Grow!, been working out 3-4 times a week, and feeling great, so far its ben 2.5 months of going to the gym and eating right. I feel really good, and have gained only 6 pounds BUT have gone down in my pant size and i’ve notice less gutt, so i assume that means i’ve actually gained some good weight (muscle) and lost some bad weight (beer gutt).

I have read vroom’s post on “Are you a beginner” and think he’s done an excellet job.

Ok now to my question, i just got a bottle of Fish Oil were each softgel contains 440 mg Omega-3 fatty acids and 10 calories from fat. and another bottle of Flaxseed Oil that contains
ALA 570 mg
Linoleic acid 160 mg
oleic acid 180 mg
palmitic acid 50 mg
stearic acid 40 mg
10 calories from fat

what do you guys recomend? with Dr. Beradi’s Calcs i need about 4,200 calories and i do eat that and more. will this be over kill? do i need this?
thanks guys

Depending on your current nutritional program. I would focus on the fish oil first. At least 4 softgels a day. You could mix some flax up in your night time meal. However most athletes are more omega 3 deficient. So focus on the fish. Your joints and muscles will thank you

Thanks for the info