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Fish Oil/ Flax Seed Oil Tabs

I am confused about the doses of the Omega 3’s I should be getting everyday. I am taking gel tabs; the labels say 1 per day. Many of the diets that I have referenced only talk about supplementing with the liquid forms with doses several times a day. How many tabs will suffice? Thank you.

I would check out the fat roundtable by doing a search on T-Mag’s homepage. They talk about the proper ratio of Omega-3’s and 6’s.

I try to get at least 20g of Salmon Oil a day, that would be about 20 pills (if I only did pills).

The reason why the label only says 1 per day, is that the average bloke will see an improvement in their fat ratios by only taking one a day (from 0:30 to 1:31 is a pretty big improvement!). In this case though, more is often better as the essential oils have a plethora of benefits.

You also want to ‘ram’ these oils into your fat cells to get good benefits, so taking an increased dose during meals will do more good than harm. But you can back off from “loading” after the first bit.

I would like to know if anyone has seen bodyfat changes after taking fish/salmon oils? I am currently taking 4 grams/day of fish oils on a bulking diet, and while I have noticed an anti-inflammatory effect (no joint pain), my bodyfat is pretty much the same. I have been taking them for about two months now.

Health from the sun has the best oils on the market. I take about 30grams of fish/flax oil per day. Liquids are the way to go as far as price and HFS even has a liquid EPA product that is lemon lime flavored and isn’t bad at all.

I just what to go on the record stating that EFA’s are big time under-rated. Man, I did a search the other day and saw butt loads of info linking deficiencies in EFA’s to things like high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, depression, ADD in kids, skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis, high cholesterol levels, cancer, and various immune disorders just to name a few. And some of these were even actual research articles. I realize that it has been shown that supplementing with EFA’s may slightly increase estrogen levels, but damn, with all the other possible benefits ill take a little estrogen. I think in the future well see EFA test be as common as cholesterol test, if not more so.

I eat a pound of fresh, steamed salmon about 5 days a week. Also, in the morning I take a tablespoon of flax seed oil. Does anybody know if I’m getting enough Omega 3 in my diet?

Eric Noreen wrote a t-mag article about it. Do a search. Concentrate on getting the proper dha/epa (read the labels), not how many tablets because the amount of dha/epa isn’t consistent from brand to brand. Use five to six grams and you won’t need to use E-C stacks anymore.

Have I seen improved fat-loss, as promised? No, not really. But, I’ve noticed that weight I put on is a lot more “clean” vs. fat. The main reason I started it (before actually reading from BB mags) was in BioChem we learned about how Omega-3 reduces the inflammatory stress on chickens. And I’ve definately noticed an improvement in DOMS.

Chief_Rigs: I’ve also looked at some studies. The best ones to look at are regarding blood profiles of obese men. I cannot see why doctors don’t perscribe 6-9 grams of fish oil a day to these guys. Instead, what do they say “cut down on your egga and sausage consumption”. Sheesh. I’ve been trying to get my dad on them for months. Pointing out the studies, etc. He was just too lazy. Finally, now that he’s working out I hooked him with the promise of lower DOMS.

25 grams of fish oil (7.5 gm combined EPA/DHA) per day, do a better job for my joints than my COX-2 prescribed inhibitor. Best of luck.

If I remember correctly, the fat roundtable recommends 10g/day EPA/DHA, which with most brands of caps (240/360–or is it 360/240 mg of EPA/DHA?–per two caps) works out to 33 caps a day. I think Lowery commented that this dosage is higher than you usually read about, but apparently this was the clinically effective dosage.

I haven’t noticed any changes in body composition due to supplementing with fish oil (at 17 or 33 caps a day), but then again, I’m far from lean and have not attempted to isolate the effects. Still, I have found somethings unmistakably reduce my body fat: severe caloric restrictions, exercise and switching to six meals a day. The effects of everything else are so subtle or slow as to be missed amid the the “noise” (and even exercise’s effects are only distinguishable from caloric restrictions based on personal experience with diet alone vs. diet & exercise).

And Pimp C, thanks a bunch for the tip about a liquid. I’ve been wondering if anyone made a liquid. Seems like it would be cheaper, and at times easier, than taking caps.

I’ve interpreted this as 10g of fish oil a day (not 10g of EPA/DHA), fish oil isn’t comprised of 100% EPA/DHA, it’s probably something like 40%! So, a 1000mg capsule is equiv. to 1 gram of fish oil.

Trying to consume 10g of EPA/DHA alone would be expensive and irritating! Just take 10-12 1000mg capsules a day (divided among your P/F meals) and you should be fine.