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Fish oil & Flax on T-Dawg 2.0

I searched the archieves but the answer wasn’t exactly clear. I just started the t-dawg v. 2.0 and was wondering at most how many calories should come from fish oils and flax oils. I have both oils in the form of softgels and am taking about 36 of them a day. Is this too much? It equals 324cals. Also when using peanut butter as a fat source does the amount of carbs in it turn your proposed P+F meal into a P+C+F meal? Thanks for the help and if you can offer any other tips to the first time t-dawger I’d appreciate it.

With all the meat that you’re probably eating on that diet you oughta be getting plenty of saturated fat and omega 6’s so the amount of omega 3’s you’re taking in doesn’t sound excessive. As for your question about peanut butter I really don’t think it has enough carbs in it to turn something into a p+f+c meal.

What is the maximum amount of saturated fat on the T-Dawg diet?

I take 20caps of fish oil day (I think the is on the maximum end). That’s only 20gs.