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Fish Oil - Final Answers?

After reading a ton of articles I have highlighted a few recomendations from various nutrition experts. A few of them leave a few questions to be answered. I was wondering if I could get some clairification on just how much fish oil to take regularly.

Fish Oil
8 Flameout = 10g. 4-8g recommended by JB

I wouldn’t recommend dieting without using a good fish oil. For maximal results I recommend at least 12 grams per day, and I’ve dosed it as high as 40 grams per day in fatter individuals or those with poor insulin sensitivity.

Have you been taking 6-12 grams of high quality, pharmaceutical grade fish oil every day? Or maybe itâ??s too expensive. Besides you need money for beer on Friday nights.
The foundation of this strategy is obviously Flameout. I recommend double-dosing to get the optimal benefit from the product, around 8-10 gel capsules per day.

Taking 10 g of fish oil per day- JB

Anyone who wants to put on muscle and lose fat should be on 30-45 grams of fish oil per day. That’s just three tablespoons of fish oil. It would be a pain in the ass with capsules though because that’s around 45 capsules per day, but it’s easy with a straight oil.

As you can see there are a few discrempicies in just how much fish oil is recommended. Not to mention just how to measure fishoil grams per serving, whether is be Flameout or an generic fish oil brand.

Any help. Thoughts?

one Flameout = 1.2g?

JB recommened 10g of generic fish oil at 30% DHA+EPA. This is equivalent to 4 flameouts.
Both doses contain 3g of total DHA+EPA.

A good chunk of the research studies supporting the use of omega 3 supplementation used 3-6 grams of EPA/DHA per day which, as the above poster mentioned, is going to put you in the 10-20 gram per day range for less concentrated oils or 5-10 for the more concentrated ones. If you eat quite omega 3 heavy foods daily though you can probably get away with less, particularly if you’re eating relatively low amounts of omega 6s since the ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s is believed by many to be as important as the absolute quantity of omega 3s consumed.

most high dose fish oil recommendations are based on formulas that don’t provide nearly the purity not to mention proper ratios of epa/dha. I think at the high end most recommendations can be divided in half if utilizing Flameout.

For instance one of the nutritional factors i use to fight depression is high dose fish oil…i used to use carlsons at 30 -40 grams per day…i now use Flameout at about 12 caps per day, if anything it works better at what appears to be “half” the dose. its all about quality and thus bioavailibility.

I can tell you from experience that Flameout is over twice the potency of the pharmacuetical fish oil my nuerologist recommended…who BTW now recommends Flameout.