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Fish Oil Fiasco Continues

I was going to put this on the first thread I started about fish oil but it seems to have gotten bumped off the deep end.

I ordered the 4 bottles of Health From The Sun (HFTS)from Iherb. They rock by the way. It came the next day. Anyways, the HFTS is a great product!

I also ordred a bottle of TwinLab’s MAX EFA to compare taste, etc. Dear GOD why did I do this? What a shitty product. I open the bottle to taste it, and the shit is a creamy white liquid! WTF??

Then I look at the label and it says 2 tblspns provide 12 g fat and 11 g carbs!! Shit! Can we say fat gain? Why would they mix sugar and fat??? I think TwinLab really dropped the ball on this one. Also, it smells like fish whereas the HFTS is odorless (except for the lemon-lime flavoring) To top it off, the first ingredient is fucking water!!! FUCK! I’m pissed I just blew 10 bucks! (Since I opened it I probably cant return it)

More proof if you are going to go with liquid fish oil HFTS can’t be beat…

I could have bought another bottle of HFTS…or 10 cheeseburgers…or a movie.

Stay away from the TwinLab…You’ve been warned…

Greekdawg, contact TwinLabs directly. They’re a reputable company who likes to make/keep their customers happy. They should make things right for you.

Twinlab is screwing the customer on other products as well. Their ZMA contains magnesium oxide, yet they charge you for magnesium aspartate. They get around this with a label that lists them both. As long as there is one molecule of magnesium asparate in each dose, they are legal. The oxide version costs them a lot less than the aspartate version. Guess what version you pay for?

Gosh, S-Lifter, I may have to rethink my statement above. Not good!

Yeah Twinlab is not in good shape these days. I would call them also and they should take care of the situation for you.

I use health from the Sun also. They are top quality.

a little off topic but, i agree with hhh. i am used to receiving twinlab products in glass bottles. now they use plastic bottles with shrink-wrap labels that come off when you remove the cap! what the hell’s up with that?

I tried the emulsified EFA and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I bet drain-o tastes better. It’s back to capsules for me.


But you should really try the Health From The Sun EFA (lemon-lime) its nothing like the TwinLab…it’s great!

Anderson, I’d recommend greekdawg’s recommendation. I use Health from the Sun also. They have capsules, too, but liquid is more cost effective. I take mine with a tin/can of tuna, some onions, celery, mayo and a sprinkle of cayenne.