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Fish Oil & Feeling Wobbly?


I've up'ed my fish oil intake from 1,000mg to 3-4,000mg and I'm feeling very wobbly, etc. I don't take it all at once, but I span it throughout my meals- from Morning till Evening. Feels as if I just took a lot of valerian root or something. Does this feeling go away within time?

I've read that some of you are taking up to 40g's of it daily. I could just imagine how out there you guys would feel.


I'm guessing that what your experiencing is unrelated to the fish oil. Your not taking that much. I take 6000 a day and feel no side effects. I tried 9000 a day for a while, too. I felt normal but cut back when I started noticing blood when I blew my nose.

If it is the fish oil, it could be related to blood pressure. Have you had yours taken recently?


I doubt its anything to do with my blood pressure-- I'm about 6'0" 200 LBS right now, and I still manage to have veins bust out of my arms. I've heard of other people having the same "drugged up" feeling I'm talking about here, even on this board. It goes away though, over time-- but it takes like 1-3 hours, depending on how much I take at once.

But then again, why would fish oil have something to do with my blood pressure? I think its more of an excessive serotonin feeling, because usually I'd feel a nice mood uplift after taking it.


Fish oil can lower blood pressure


Just cause ya look fit dont mean your blood profile is great LOL

you could have very thinned out blood how is your electrolyte intake, slat and potassium. Do you take aspirin or NSAIDS??



I do not take fish oil (my diet has plenty of wild salmon), but I do take Flax Seed oil ... I have found that high intake of glutamic acid coupled with the flax/salmon can cause vertigo ... however, the longest it has lasted for me is about 15 minutes though ... maybe this helps your situation


Are you on a low calorie diet? If I get excessively hungry, I get light-headed and dizzy.

My buddy also experienced a bit of this while on the velocity diet as his body adjusted to not having solid food.

In short, it could be something else you are or aren't eating.


With big dosages, be sure to only use pure fish oil. Cod liver oil, for instance, contains a lot of stuff you don't want to overdose on.