Fish Oil Dosages by Goal

There is a lot of conflicting information on this site about the dosages of fish oil. I read somewhere CT recommended 1 gram per 10 pounds of body weight per day(dont remember for which goal it was for), and Charles Poliquin recommended around 30g per day (fat loss i think).

So question is, what dosage do you guys have for:

-fat loss
-mass gain
-therapeutic benefits

I take 30g a day. Fat loss is my goal at the moment. But I think overall health is the main benefit. So even if I get down to my goal i’ll keep this 30g a day dosage.

how do you ingest 30g? do you use liquid fish oil or capsules? Also to be more specific how much DHA and EPA do you take?

30g sounds expensive. How much do you spend on fish oil in a month?

I saw a lyle mcdonald article on this. Assuming “typical” fish oil caps of 1g each, with about 300g combined EPA/DHA, he recommended 6g oil as a minimum for just about everybody, with 10g being good for just about everybody (that’s where plasma saturation tends to be reached or something). And higher amounts if you have specific inflammation problems.

I take in with capsules…2 capsules is 2 grams but provide 600mg epa/dha. i pop 6 capsules per meal and eat 5 times a day…if i have fish(salmon) in my diet (which i usually do) i’ll skip a serving.