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Fish Oil Dosage Question

About 2 weeks ago after reading an article (link below) where Charles Poliquin recommended 30 to 40 grams of fish oil per day i started increasing my dosage to 40 grams per day (before i was taking only 4-6 grams) and have noticed a drop in my bodyfat and better gains in muscle mass and strength

after watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XVf36nwraw ( ignore the rest and skip to 1:12:10) he explains the potential “dangers” of taking fish oil to the body if anyone can comment and explain to me why this is bullshit what he is saying i would greatly appreciate it…

Bushy, Bonez, Modok (even though you hate me lol)


40 grams of fish oil? Are you cereal?
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Obviously I’m not one of the guys you asked, but…

Fish oil is good, though I really don’t think you need 40 grams a day (I’m assuming you’re not using something like Flameout which would mean you’d need a lot less).

The only reasonable concern that could be raised would be the issue of impurities in the fish oil, things like heavy metals. Taking a bunch of impure fish oil everyday would kind of counter-act the point since you’d be slowly poisoning yourself (to a small, possibly negligible degree, I believe, but poisoning none-the-less). However, I believe Flameout is supposed to be very, very pure and that shouldn’t be an issue.

Just because you have an MD doesn’t mean you’re not dead wrong sometimes.

Hell, they let me into med school.

Also, fuck fish. They’re food. Saying that because our ancestors didn’t have it we don’t need it is fucking stupid too, they also didn’t live very long or have shit like MOTHERFUCKIN’ PENICILLIN (Link: http://zomgscience.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/peni-final.png

So I shouldn’t take antibiotics when I get MRSA, right?

As I understood it his point was, after all the other stuff, you need DHA but he didn’t want people to get it via live animals, fair enough.

Yes, they suppress the immune system (inflammation), that’s a good thing, there are MANY diseases that are inflammation based that kill motherfuckers left and right. So do other COX inhibitors but there’s some evidence that they may have preventative effects against CANCER (NSAID use is linked to reduced colon cancer).

They don’t thin your blood like fucking Warfarin or anything, either.

As far as being more susceptible to microbes, I’m also calling pure bullshit. I never get sick, I realize that’s only one person’s empirical evidence, but I never get sick. I down fish oil like they’re running out (my shoulders scream at me when I run out).

he also said eating fat makes you fat, which makes him stupid.

what is Poliquin’s rationale behind using so much fish oil?

“What happens if you’re in an auto accident with all this thin blood?”

Truly one of the great medical minds of our generation.

[quote]D Public wrote:
what is Poliquin’s rationale behind using so much fish oil?



At $50/bottle, is that enough rationale for you?

I read somewhere that blood levels of DHA/EPA get saturated at around 3g a day*. That would be 10g of regular fish oil pills. The poliquin recommendation seems silly.

*Unless you’re The Mighty Stu, who does like 10 Flameouts a day.