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Fish Oil: Does Quality Matter?


Quick question, does quality really matter here or should I go with the buy one get one free safeway deal?


well, let's see. Just with about everything in life, quality matters... something like that.

quality aside do the math on content of EPA/DHA


Well, you want a reputable brand, but aside from that I have to say that I don't think it matters much which brand as long as it has 1000 mg./cap total fish oil and the standard 300 mg. EPA/DHA.

Personally, I buy the Sam's Club fish oil for ~$9.00/350 caps, or bulk fish oil in 1000 cap bottles (about the same price as Sam's club).



I have to think that the DHA/EPA are the same whether it's Flameout or the bulk brand, just differs on the potency. And as much as I'd like to be able to buy Flameout all the time, recession's a bitch :slight_smile:


I had a look at GNC's "triple strength" fish oil, and I'd still need like 11 of those to hit the DHA/EPA of Flameout, and that's also with no CLA at all.

It was more cost effective and nutritionally better to go with Flameout.


cheap is better than non provided its not somehow poisonous. I use the cheaper stuff.


Trader Joe's is without a doubt the best brand. Epa/Dha 400/200. 9 bucks a bottle. 90 caps. great quality.


Yes. There's actually prescription grade fish oil, that your doc has to authorize. If your going to take fish oil, take carlsons or nordic naturals, or Biotest's Flameout (i had to give them props). Would you put 87 octane in a Ferrari?


good advice and solid recommendations on the brands.

i actually think fish oil is one of the supps where quality is of utmost importance, due to the fact that PUFA's oxidize and become rancid pretty easily. if the product doesn't contain any vitamin E (alpha tocopherol, tocopherol acetate) to help prevent this, then i would avoid it.


So...GNC's Salmon ain't no good?


It won't kill you but, when it comes to fish oil go ahead and spend the extra few dollars for the best. The oil is not the issue, it's the processing that sets the brands apart.


Can I find carlsons at a health store or can you only order these brands onlline?


Carlson's is available at most health food stores. Usually the stores with a wide selection of products have it. Get the liquid form- maybe I'm being a stickler here but I don't see a reason to ingest that gelatin coating.


i have never heard of gelatin having any deleterious effects. in fact, i purposely consume a few grams PWO to increase teh bioavailability of other forms of protein.


I buy the Carlspn's Med-Strength ( I think that's what it's called) I lke it because it is high dose but you only need one teaspoon a day.
No capsules at all..I pop enough pills every day as it is...one spoon at night and I'm done.


Never said it had bad effects, but I don't see where it will help. The pure oil is cheaper as well as there is less time involved in the process.


its NOT just the amounts but the ratio of epa/dha that is important and if you pay attention damn near everyone has it backwards except Biotest Flameout. YES THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE


The DHA/EPA ratio in Flameout is quite different than all the other products I've seen.

Since Flameout is designed to fight inflammation, it's much higher in DHA.

Most brands have the opposite ratio.


I'll give the oil a whirl.