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Fish Oil Comparable to Flameout?

Since, Flameout is out of stock, I need to find another product similar to it, and fast. My procastinating nature has left me with only a few days left of Fish oil, and I’m looking to order some more quick! Does anybody have any other supplements similar to it? Or know if Flameout itself will be back in a couple days?

I use cheap stuff from sams club. Not quite as good but much much much cheaper.

They also have a 1 per day fish oil that is similar in EPA and DHA per gram to Flameout.

1200 mg per Softgel

EPA 410 mg �?? DHA 274 mg

You can use the cheap stuff, but you just have to take a lot more. I’ve seen some brands that are about 1/10 the potency in terms of EPA/DHA count than Flameout.

Nature Made “extra strength fish oil” good stuff… (EPA: 300mg, DHA:200mg)

Salmond …

Anything on par with Flameout, you’re gunna pay 20-40 bucks a bottle. You get what you pay for. Just buy the cheaper stuff from the store and take more of it until you can get Flameout.