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Fish Oil Capsules


I am new to the diet and loosing weight thing and i have been reading around trying to set up a good plan. I saw that some people mentioned Fish Oil will help loose weight, is this true? I recently bought some capsules, it instructs me to take them 3 times a day.

Is it worth it?

Most definitely, I take up to 30g a day (thats 60 of the little 500mg capsules).

Here is just one article,

Do a search on here, there are many more explaining the endless benefits.

Alright , I am highly motivated to take this stuff. But I dont know if the one I bought is high quality, i got it from my local pharmacy, I want to buy Flameout but they dont sell it in my country.

1 question, is it possible to take too much of this stuff? I am 278 lbs. 15 years. Im on a diet program, how much would you suggest I take for weight loss?

there is an article called Fish Oil and Fat Loss…look it up

I did look it up, I did not find the answer I was looking for there.

Yes, it’s possible to take too much of anything, believe it or not.

If you can order Flameout from there store here, then go for it - get a few bottles if you live in another country to reduce shipping costs. I have yet to find a better quality fish oil. Otherwise, take your current fish oil and aim for about 10-15g a day. I can be quite expensive, so be sure you spend money on your food before supplements.

Regardless of supplements though, what kind of diet & training are you currently doing? Those are more important than any supplement.

Thank you for your quick responses.

As for my diet and training, I am not using advanced methods or anything but following basic rules.

For my diet:
I try my best to eat 4-5 times a day, and with every meal i pack in lots of protein. I eat my greens with my meals. I am almost 100% natural, meaning all the foods I eat are naturally grown/produced, I do not eat anything from a box. An example of a daily meal plan would be :

2 fried eggs
Dar-Vida fiber biscuits with honey

2nd meal: 200g of turkey breast with a fruit

3rd meal: Protein shake with a fruit

4th meal: low fat yogurt and some turkey and a fruit

5th meal: Beef stew with a little rice for carbs.

My excercise plan varies, As I said its not an advanced setup. I usually go to the gym, lift weights, do abs and do cardio for 30-45 minutes. On other days where I dont go to the gym I go out to run (I feel this benefits me more, I feel more burn doing this than working in gym).

I usually do these during the day after my 2nd meal but I do sometimes wake up and go for an early jog before breakfast. I’m only 15, my body is working a lot so I have been told to not overdo an exercise program.

I drink a lot of green tea and water. I try to drink a cup of green tea after every meal as I have heard it will speed up digestion and metabolism, which is good since I naturally have a low Metabolism.

One quick question I have is of my heart rate. I am 15, 278 lbs and 6’3. I was jogging today and monitored my heart rate with my Polar heart rate watch. I recorded my heart rate from going between 149-160. It stayed between those numbers throughout the 30 minute jog. Are those numbers okay for a person like me, or should i try slow it down a little?

I gladly accept any advice/knowledge given as I am here to learn.

Thank you for spending your time helping a fellow in need out :slight_smile:

Your 278 6’3" and thats all you eat. Good lord bro you got to be starving or simple sit on your butt all day

Your not only lacking fish oil but fats in general bro id try and get more food fats of all variety PUFA, MUFA ,and sats. some veggies aint going to hurt either.

LOL that “BURN” means well not to much bro just lactic acid you need to get on a quality structure program of resistance training including legs sure add cardio if it suits your goals but you need to hit the gym


I may be interpreting your motive wrong here but I get the feeling of ‘urgency’ from you. I may be totally wrong and do correct me if I am but honestly, losing weight can take a lot longer then you might think. It really depends on how long you’ve been ‘over weight’. Be patient and stick with this cause it will be worth you while.

Plus, the stats I see here is that you’re almost 280lbs at 6 ft 3in. From you’re diet plan I can see some good and bad. It is good you’re eating healthy but I can say for sure you’re not eating enough, and trust me it is hard to be sure of anyones condition with just those two variables.

I don’t have a strict diet but I am significantly smaller then you and I eat more then you do currently.

Keep those things in mind and keep at it.

PS: I actually no nothing about these fish capsules so I am holding back on making a comment on them, however, it is just a supplement. Probably an expensive one. Maybe adjust your diet (w/ more food) you can do away with this.