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Fish Oil Capsules


Pros and Cons(if any)?

I'm thinking of buying some since it looks like it has some benefits. Anyone in here take fish oils? Any thoughts on it?

Chime in....


Yer, id like to hear this also the difference between fish oil tabs and omega 3 and omega 3 and 6 tabs.


The main benefit to supplementing with fish oil is the DHA and EPA content.

Higher quality products, like Flameout, usually have a higher concentration of DHA and EPA, which is why they cost more than the stuff sold in supermarkets.

Do some research on these before asking to be spoon fed more information.


I can't lift without Flameout now.Brutal factory jobs have taken their toll on my elbows. Another bonus is that I rarely get zits anymore. Great for your skin on top of the other benefits. Don't know where in Ontario you live but I've heard them selling in T.O. for ninety quid. Luckily I have a buddy with a PO box in Michigan so it's not so bad.


Take your Flameout. There's a reason everyone at this site swears by it.


carlsons is my fav.......


used to live on carlsons until i analyzed the dha epa ratios and compared them to Flameout, i now live on Flameout


fair enough


I take an Omega 3 supplement that has 1000mg of fish oil, with 180mg of those being EPA and 120mg of those being DHA. I try to take 3-4 per day, but from what I have read it seems like a lot of people here take a lot more than that. With the supplement facts I have listed, what would be a good number of pills to take per day? Thanks.


I try to get 3 grams of EPA+DHA a day total which in your case would be 10 pills.


Do you really need someone to tell you the difference between 03 caps and 03 and 06 caps? Or perhaps you meant something else?


I've discovered from my own research that Flameout is the best fish oil/omega 3 supplement out there IMO....


While it's probably true because of the higher DHA content, my wallet unfortunately still prefers buying cheap fish oil by the thousand capsule from a good bulking place.


That was a close 2nd... :smiley:


What's the point in buying something cheaper if it is less of a value?


the point is to evaluate cost effectiveness
If something is 70 or 80% as effective as the other but only cost 30% then im gonna go with it and use what I saved to buy something else like I dunno a Greens powder or something.

I can't afford the Ferrari but I can afford the Toyota. Both will be faster than walking.


because no matter how good something is, some people won't be able to fit it into their budget. it'd be better to get a little lower quality product, not low quality, but be able to get a large amount of it, imo instead of getting just a little of the best product available.


I guess I look at things like this differently since I'd rather use less Flameout if my budget were restricted, opposed to buying a lower grade product.


Yea, if you evaluate dollars per DHA gram Flameout actually is very reasonable...

but idk anything about the nutritional content of those pills


I get my fish oil from Costco. 3-5 capsules a day.