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Fish Oil caps

Hi guys, I take about 10 fish oil caps daily and was wondering about a couple of things:

  1. What about the shell? I’ve opened one to test for freshness and discovered that the shell is pretty thick and significant? What does that add to my diet? Carbs?

  2. I take Berkely aand Jensen from BJ’s Wholesale as it’s cheap. Anyone know if this is good quality?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

I don’t know about BJ’s but I think John Berardi mentioned that Sam’s Club’s Members Mark brand was good and it is cheap. I can’t remember if he said it on the forum or in an article or if someone got the info from a seminar he did. If anybody knows if the Sams Club brand is good quality and if John did in fact recommend that please let us know.

10 caps? Isn’t that a lot? Or is that what I should be taking? I just bought a Member’s Mark jar of 300 yesterday for $6.80.

Berardi recommends 6-10 grams of combined EPA/DHA which would come out to 20 fish caps for the members mark brand. You can find some more concentrated fish caps by twinlab where you only have to take 7-8 caps, but they are also twice as expensive.

Thanks for the info. Of course, I’m not sure I really want to take handfulls of pills, but what the hell, eh?

i believe the shell is glycerine and it digests in the system. i take 10 1gm pills 2 times a day with my 50/50 whey casein shake and i have not had any noticable problems. Each pill gives me 300 mg EPA/DHA. laters pk