Fish oil caps 40 ct. for 1$!!!

Went to Target over the weekend and bought a shitload of these. There are 40 in a bottle and sold for $1 per bottle. Sweet deal!



I gotta get out there…happen to know if this was just a weekend sale deal or if it’ll continue on? Guess only one way to know for sure…get the hell to target.

Not to burst your bubble, but I get 300 for 6 dollars at Sam’s. That’s 50 per dollar. It’s Member’s Mark brand.

thx for the info Josh. Just joined last weekend so will have to check it out. Hope I can make it by the meatcase though w/o salivating too much over all those huge ass steaks.

Do you guys know if GNC’s deoderized fish caps are any good?

Do you ever wonder why some supplements are cheaper than others?

Not all fish oils are created equal!


My point exactly! As I have stated on this forum in the past: in most cases, you get what you pay for!

Consumer Reports tested Fish Oil Caps and concluded there is no difference and to go with the cheapest.

The report is online at the CR site if anyone cares.

I get mine at Cosco.


bump to what Zeb is saying. There is a difference and you do get what you pay for. With fish oils usually the difference is that the cheap stuff isn’t USP(human grade) its usually solvent-extracted, low grade(animal feed grade). With vitamins the cheap ones are always synthetic, usually with toxic binders and/or preservatives. Its the eternal debate quality vs quality. do you spend $8.00 and get a kick ass six pack of quality belgian beer or spend the same $8.oo and get a case of beast(Milwaukee’s Worst)

Both CR and has tested the Member’s Mark brand and found it free of toxins.

From the studies I’ve read most all the fish oil sold is free from mecury and other toxins. The one thing to watch for when taking high doses of fish oil is to make sure your getting sufficient vitamin E along with it. And concerning synthetic vitamins you can’t say all synthetic are bad just because they are synthetic. I believe most all vitamin C is synthetic.

hey bigarrow

just a correction, i didn’t say all synthetics were bad per se. just that they don’t compare to whole-food nutrient complexes i.e. you get what you pay for. but in order for your body to utilize the vitamins in a synthetic you burn up some of your own vitamins/minerals to turn the synthetic into a usable form. synthetic b vitamins are typically synthesized from sewage sludge and petroleum by-products. make your own choices what to put in your body. all i’m saying is that sometimes the cheapest route is not the best. oh and yes most vitamin c is ascorbic acid(synthetic) but you can get natural source c complexes

Has anyone ever bought fish caps from vitamin world, I just a bottle for free becasue I signed up for there card deal thing. Any comments on it would be great, thank you.

Coccaine is natural.