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Fish Oil Calories


When on a cut do you guys include the calories in fish oil towards your daily caloric allowance? I feel like EPA and DHA would not be used as energy, but rather for anti-inflammation, hormone synthesis, etc... and would not be included, but that's just guess work. Thanks in advance!


Of course you do. With that logic should we not count protein powders, if the macros in them are used for muscle repair instead of "energy"? Do you think anti-inflammation and hormone synthesis take place at no energy cost?


1g of fat = 9 Calories


It doesn't matter what it's used for.

It's like saying... I ate 400g of carbs today, but that doesn't count towards my calorie intake because I used those carbs so I could store fat to hibernate for the winter.

Either way... why are you worried about fish oil adding to your total calories? Are you taking like 1000g of fish oil a day?


By 'energy,' I was asking whether or not EPA and DHA get dumped into beta-oxidation to produce ATP or directly incorporated into cell membranes, used to synthesize hormones, or initiate anti-inflammatory signals, etc. If it is the former, what would be the point of taking fish oil if the fatty acids are simply oxidized? And if it is the latter, no ATP molecules were derived from the fatty acids so then why should it count against the daily caloric allowance? Of course hormone synthesis and anti-inflammation use energy which, if anything, would be beneficial during a cut. I understand your point about proteins counting against the caloric requirement, but it doesn't apply to this situation as fatty acids are metabolized completely different than amino acids. I get what you're trying to say, but I'm not convinced.


It's exactly like that except not at all. You can't compare carbohydrate metabolism and fatty acid metabolism. One gram of fat contains nine calories of potential energy. The question is whether or not those nine calories are being oxidized to produce ATP. I'm worried about fish oil adding to my total calories because I'm trying to follow a very strict diet. Every time I just wing it I get subpar results. I take around 'like' 7-8 grams of fish oil, and these calories over a twelve week cut will most definitely add up if I don't account for them.


Sorry. Too many big words for me. I'm a trial and error guy. I've never counted calories a day in my life, because of these types of questions which we'll never be able to answer precisely for each individual. How can we even try to quantify something with so much uncertainty?


If trial and error works for you that's great, but I've had sub par results with that kind of method. Which is why I am trying to be precise as possible this time around. There is a degree of uncertainty in trying to quantify calories, macros, etc., but I still think we are able to get close. All things considered though, worrying about fish oil calories is probably getting too focused on details and your trial and error method on this issue is probably the best solution, thanks.


For conistancy I like to count all calories consumed.
Fish Oil, green veggies, protein powder....


Man I would get sick of keeping track of which calories count towards your total calories and which calories don't count towards your total calories.


the body uses what it wants....

it will take whatever epa/dha it needs...and oxidize the rest...