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Fish Oil Burps


Is this the sign of a dodgy fish oil supplement?

I have taken fish oil for about 8 months, and only in the last week has this been happening. I havent been training at all for the last 2 weeks because of exams.. maybe that has something to do with it.


I get fish burps from everything.
granted they are not near as bad with Flameout but they are still there
best thing to do is store them in the freezer and take them frozen
no more fish burps


put them in the freezer also be sure to take with food. Seems to help some.

I've heard the thing before that it means they're low quality, but I would think it just means they're not enteric coated.

If you're getting a fish burp from taking fish oil, wouldn't that at least mean there's fish oil in it :wink:


If you're taking in several grams of oil that comes from fish, it stands to reason that your burps might smell of it.

I take enteric coated fish oil, which helps a lot. Freezing would probably work as well.


Does freezing diminish its effectiveness at all? I don't see why it should, just checking.






i had thisonce, which was the only time i took them BEFORE eating


I've found that the oil itself (taken on a teaspoon) has given me no fish burps vs. any capsule I tried. I store both in the fridge and have one teaspoon of fish oil (lemon flavored) in the first 10 to 20mins of waking in the morning, so it's definitely on an empty stomach....still no burps.


I would get fish burps when I took the full dose of Flameout all at once (night). I now split up the dose 2 in the AM (with food), 2 in the PM (usually with something in my belly). No more fish burps :slight_smile:


I take lemon flavored fish oil capsules. Lemon flavored burps!!


yesssss, and that's why I switched to lemon flavored, I love the lemon flavored burps!


Me too! :smiley: